Swyysh Fantasy Basketball — How to build your match-winning lineup

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Swyysh Fantasy Basketball Lineup: 2x 2-Pointer Moments (Jump Shot, Dunk), 1x 3-Pointer, 1x Assist, 1x Defensive Moment (Steal). Accessible here

Building your lineup is the single most important factor for any Fantasy Basketball Game. The Swyysh Fantasy Basketball Game differs from normal Fantasy Leagues. This article explores what you have to keep in mind when building your lineup.

Fantasy Sports built on NBA Top Shot Moments

Swyysh Fantasy Basketball is played with NBA Top Shot Moments. The most relevant elements of these Moments for the game mechanism are: The Player and the Play.

The idea is to create a lineup based on five Moments. You only get points for the respective Plays the Player performs, not the overall match performance. All Plays that are not represented by the Moment are irrelevant for the score. This is a big difference to conventional Fantasy Sports.

Example: Our Swyysh Showcase includes a Jump Shot (=2 Pointer category) by Tyler Herro. Any 2 Pointer he scores counts towards his overall score. Any 3 pointer, steal, block or assist does not factor into the score. Nor do free throws.

Putting together the lineup

Each Top Shot member can field one lineup of five different players. Lineups are submitted through making a Showcase on NBA Top Shot. Participants can only play Moments from their collection.

Your Showcase is your Fantasy Team.

Participants can mix-and-match five Players from different teams or go with a lineup of their favorite team.

The five Player lineup is broken doing into the following categories:

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Your lineup needs to satisfy these criteria to qualify for the Swyysh Fantasy Basketball Game

2 Pointer: Two lineup spots reserved for 2 Pointer in the form of Dunk/Jump Shot/Layup Moments.

Score = total points made from 2 pointers (excludes 3 pointers and free throws).

Example: Tyler and Giannis are our 2 Pointer Moments. Tyler scores 20 points (from within the arc), Giannis scores 30 points (from within the arc). 50 points are added to our team’s tally. No 3 pointers or free throws count for this category!

3 Pointer: One lineup spot for 3 Pointer Moments.

Score = total points from 3 pointers.

Example: We selected Eric Gordon for our lineup. He hits five 3 pointers in a match. Multiply the five by three (15) and add it to your team’s tally. Now your team has 65 points.

Assist: One lineup spot for Assist/Handles Moments.

Score = total assists x2.

Example: Jae Crowder has 10 assists tonight. Multiply the ten by two (20) and add it to your team’s tally. Now your team has 85 points.

Defense: One lineup spot for Block/Steals Moments.

Score = total blocks or steals x2.

Example: Enes Kanter scores 6 steals tonight. Multiply the six by two (12) and add it to your team’s tally. Now your team has 97 points.

Final Scores & Tie-breakers

The Fantasy Game runs every week for the entire NBA season. We follow the NBA game schedule. For every game that your lineup plays on the court during that week, your team collects points.

At the end of the week, the scores for your team will be added up to a final score. It is likely we have several lineups with an identical score. In this case, we will utilize tie-breakers such as:

  1. Extra points for Defense (Steal/Block Moment): If the defensive player’s team won the match, then the Showcase gets five extra points.
  2. Direct comparison: The participant’s lineup that has won the most categories, is the final winner for the week.
  3. Lowest cumulative serial number: The lineup with the lowest sum of serial numbers wins.
  4. Combination of Play and Serial Number: Pick a specific play (will be fixed beforehand) and the lowest serial number for that Play breaks the tie.

Weekly scores are tallied up to a monthly total. We also plan to nominate a monthly winner as a reward for consistency and a steady commitment to the Fantasy League.

What’s next

We will drop more insights over the next days. This way, you can prepare for what to expect when we launch in early January.

In the meantime, we would be thrilled to see you in the #topshot-fantasy Discord channel as we want to get as much Community discussion and feedback as possible.

Stay tuned for updates on: Swyysh.com | Twitter | Discord

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