Top 10 NFT sales of the week, December 13th – 19th

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From metaverse land purchases to art investments, this is your weekly roundup of the biggest sales in the NFT space. Beeple stole the show but Nifty Gateway’s off chain sales mechanism is not currently picked up by our tracker, so this week’s results don’t include the $3.5m+ worth of sales clocked up in the record-breaking sale. Click here to view the Beeple store on OpenSea, otherwise, keep reading for a rundown of what happened elsewhere in the market!

1. Donflaquito sold FlamingoDAO to 0xcf6165e… for 55 ETH ($33337.58).

2. FewtureFinance sold Satoshi to BadgerPleaseBoostAPY for 21000 USDC ($20924.67).

3. 0x45c5132… sold Distortion Routine to 0x1e936cb… for 30 ETH ($18184.14).

4. 0x327305a… sold Alphonso Davies 2020-21 • Unique to 0xdf70e28… for 27.075 ETH ($16411.18).

5. 0xf43e468… sold Memeboi to Maxstealth for 24.5 ETH ($14850.38).

6. Domainator sold liquidgold to spicetrade for 20 ETH ($12122.76).

7. reisingerandres sold The Overture to 0xcf6165e… for 20 ETH ($12122.76).

8. 0x874233b… sold Corner Street Spot – 4 x 4 & 6 x 6 Combo to 0x73deaeb… for 139500 MANA ($11312.48).

9. 0x327305a… sold Florian Wirtz 2020-21 • Unique to 0x1b4765a… for 14.888 ETH ($9024.18).

10. 0x327305a… sold Simon Mignolet 2020-21 • Unique to 0xc733fde… for 10.99 ETH ($6661.46).

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