Decentraland Releases In-World Voice Chat

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When roaming the streets of Decentraland, up until now it has only been possible to interact with other users by text. In order for Decentraland to take interaction to the next level and start building a long term sustainable community, voice chat was definitely needed.

Following the most recent update late last week, users can now chat in-world by pushing and holding T on their keyboard. Crucially, it is also possible to mute other users, or select a specific group of people you want to listen to. This option can be found in the settings tab in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

First impressions show the audio is smooth with very little lag, although the listening distance could still do with some work as it is possible to eavesdrop on a conversation from around 3 land parcels away.


Live voice chat is likely to encourage a whole new range of new experiences and events. Karaoke, live conferences and concerts without the need of Discord chat, AMA’s, the list endless.

As a result, the next few months should be incredibly insightful as a new wave of voice related content starts to hit the metaverse.

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