Nifty Animals Release

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In the past few weeks we’ve been working with Lam Slimeborghini (twitter) for the creation of the GEN 2 of our VNFTs, we are very excited by his creations.

Today we are excited to release 3 new 2nd gen NFTs!, they will be released in different and unique forms.

Nifty Animals Experiment

Meet RexSethius

Rexethius is a 1 of 1 unique NFT. To get it you need to go now to and feed him the 13 $MUSE gem, every time the pet is fed it resets the clock to 2 hours, the last one who feeds the pet gets the pet and all the $MUSE it mined.

New LP Pet

Meet Raphy

We are happy to introduce a new LP pet. For now Raphy can only be acquired by providing Liquidity to the ETH-MUSE pair, Raphy can also get cashback at any time and he will have access to a unique accessory that will give him superpowers (more info in the coming weeks).



Michele now is added to our random generator, when you mint a new VNFT from the staking pool, you have the option to get a Michele.

What’s to come for the VNFT ecosystem?

90% of our focus is to finish the NFT DEX. We hope to have something to show in the coming weeks. We are very excited about the opportunities it can bring to all of us and it gaves us extra motivation to get a new contributor in @CaduVeloso (his is on tg), he did an awesome job on the design of the DEX and is very willing to continue helping us grow.

We are also discussing changing the Race to $MUSE only, so it is more inclusive to all our community, this might take some time as the focus is on the dex but it is on our plans..

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