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Top 10 NFT sales of the week, December 6th – 12th

This post was originally published on Opensea

From metaverse land purchases to art investments, this is your weekly roundup of the biggest sales in the NFT space. The Sorare x Inter Milan combo charted 3 times, racking up $30k+ worth of sales in the process, and there are some familiar faces towards the top!

1. 0x73d38d8… sold Arthas, @The_Shard_King to 0x37e6be4… for 140 ETH ($84128.73).

2. jmg sold CryptoPunk #2484 to 0xef6d699… for 36.99 ETH ($22228.01).

3. 0x45c5132… sold Stratum Routine to randaartcollection for 29 ETH ($17426.67).

4. 0x45c5132… sold Layer Routine to 0x42f7c52… for 29 ETH ($17426.67).

5. 0xe76c862… sold Hollywood to 0x37e6be4… for 25 ETH ($15022.99).

6. 0x327305a… sold Lautaro Martínez 2020-21 • Unique to 0x54cefec… for 24.403 ETH ($14664.24).

7. 0x327305a… sold Romelu Lukaku 2020-21 • Unique to 0xc733fde… for 20.439 ETH ($12282.19).

8. 0xe20f756… sold MEET MONA to RexTiCapital for 20 ETH ($12018.39).

9. curating_bits sold CryptoPunk #7563 to 2pac for 20 ETH ($12018.39).

10. 0x327305a… sold Achraf Hakimi 2020-21 • Unique to 0xc733fde… for 14.79 ETH ($8887.60).

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