The Amazing NFT Race!

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Get ready! the Amazing NFT Race just started! you can play here. You can participate with any NFT you own and have a chance to earn up to 0.54 ETH per race.

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Here’s how it works:

  1. Join the race here with any of your NFTs and pay 0.1ETH
  2. Wait until 6 participants are in or for the 5 minute timer to run down.
  3. The winner will get 90% of the ETH in the race, remaining 10% goes to the devs.
  4. The winner also gets a 10% chance of winning a new GEN 2 VNFT and mine muse every 24 hours.
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Racers can also win this VNFT

How the is winner decided?

The winner is decided randomly by a smart contract which is open sourced and verified on Etherscan. NFTs from VeryNifty, DokiDoki, Chonk and Sergs have a 5% higher chance to win then other NFTs.

VeryNifty Race

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