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Winter Event 2020

This post was originally published on crypto space commander

Commanders! Starting on 12/21/20 at 2pm PST pirates and drones of all kinds will have a chance at dropping some winter items! Pirates will have a chance to drop Candy Canes upon destruction and Drones will have a chance to drop Holiday Gifts. You will be able to use these collected items to turn in for new loot combinations within the GFI Network. This is a limited-time event Commanders so take advantage until it disappears on 1/4/21!

Preview below at what you will have a chance at receiving when turning in the winter items:

  • “Loot box” rewards: Items of varying quality, with higher quality items having lower odds. Low buy-in & potential for high reward!
  • Random rewards: available for a limited time before new random items are cycled in. Higher quality items than are currently offered in other random rewards. Higher buy-in, but rewards are good!
  • Limited “choose your own” rewards: Highest buy-in, but you choose your reward!

Rewards, odds, redemption items & quantities, limits and method of redemption are still work-in-progress. Items may change before the winter event goes live.

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