DCL Plazas Sponsors Content Creators to Boost Metaverse Coverage

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The growth in popularity of all virtual blockchain worlds relies heavily on increasing the amount of content and exposure, particularly throughout social media channels.

In these early stages, we feel independent content creators deserve support from the wider community. As such, we are delighted to announce a new initiative which aims to help support new metaverse related content creators.

Our first sponsorship sees us sponsor some fabulous in-world content created by @yoyoyo_crypto. His video series covers various creative adventures in Decentraland, from doing a complete walk around the entire perimeter of the map discovering new builds, to breaking and entering into NFT protected buildings.

After having created around 20 videos, this fun and innovative coverage is quickly becoming a catalogue of adventures in Decentraland, as such, we thought it important to support the continuation of the work yoyoyo is creating.

View one of his videos here:

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