Third Person, OC Materials and BC (Blockchain) OC (Off-Chain) Trader, Dailies

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Third Person, OC Materials, BC (Blockchain) <-> OC (Off-Chain) Trader, Dailies

Third Person

As we promised third person is a reality and already in the game! Not much to say here other than the first impression from the players are extraordinary! You can play and check out yourselves!

OC(Off-Chain) Materials

After our first implementation of Crystals and Keys OC versions to handle the high ETH fees, Materials are now also available as OC versions which will give us the freedom to handle the drop rates regardless the network congestion.

The player will be give the choice before the crafting starts to choose if he wants to use BC or OC materials.
OC Materials will be treated exactly like the BC versions and the outcome of the player’s crafts will be exactly the same Blockchain weapon/armor/jewel with the same Enjin backing and not include the BC material ENJ transfer fee since they are Off-Chain.

OC Materials can be used to craft your own recipes or by using the Blacksmith Service

Even though the crafting process and the Dev Gas Fees remains the same, we decrease the fees of crafting/enchanting due to the decrease of the overall costs.

BC (Blockchain) <-> OC (Off-Chain) Trader

This new OC updates is pretty efficient for the game’s economy, but a player might want to sell that shiny Legendary Essence he found fighting dungeons to the marketplace, we announce the (Blockchain) <-> OC (Off-Chain) Trader which will handle all trades between the 2 versions of the Items.

Currently 3 types of items are OC and BC and can be traded: Materials, Crystals, and Keys.

Rarity of OC Items will be respected as the items traded are being sent from the Blockchain Pool.

Daily Quests(Experimental) — Quest Relics

Daily Quests are now working for each area separately in regard of the player level, and provide 1 Quest Relic LvX each, you can also acquire Quest Relics by playing Dungeons.

Quest Relics can be traded for OC Crystals/Keys, and now for OC Materials as well!

You can play the game right now by downloading the launcher from our site

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