OC (Off-Chain) free Crafting and Enchanting! OC Full Drops! OC Equipment Trader!

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The Six Dragons, as you might already noticed, has the most deep blockchain implementation you can find, and it has been made with Efinity in mind from day 1, but with the high fees that ethereum has at these times, and until ETH 2.0 and Efinity is released we should adapt, so we introduce more changes towards this direction.

Off-Chain (OC) Crafting (No fees*)

You can now craft with OC Materials (released last week) and acquire an OC Weapon/Armor/Jewels by not paying any fees neither to ETH or TSD, and use your item immediately!

Using your own recipe has 0 fees and no blockchain transfer is needed.

*Using Blacksmith Service will only cost you the Service fee and transfer if you are using OC Craft.

OC Crafts are exactly the same as the BC Versions and can be traded to BC version in the OC Equipment Trader (read below)

Off-Chain (OC) Enchanting (No fees)

As with OC Materials, we just implemented OC Enchant Scrolls as well, that can be used to enchant OC Weapons/Armors/Accessories for free and immediately! Remember safe enchanting is up to +3.

OC Enchant Scrolls are also available in Celestial Shop and can be acquired by using Celestial Tokens or Quest Relics.

OC Full Drops

Yes! We know that you asked for them and it’s a reality, Full Item Drops (OC) are now included in Loot Tables.

OC Drops can’t be (S), which only available via crafting (Critical Craft outcome)

OC Equipment Trader

As with the OC <-> BC Trader that we introduced last week, you can now trade your OC Equipment (Weapon/Armor/Accessory) for the BC version, at this point of course you will have to pay all the fees that you would if you crafted with Blockchain materials, except the material transfer fees (since you don’t send any materials), so choose a low gas time to do so since fees are also depending from gas prices.

You can trade already enchanted items, but remember BC Items need BC Enchants to be enchanted further.

If the item you trade is a craft, your name will be carved as it would on BC Craft, if it’s a drop from a monster the item will be marked as Loot Drop.


Some clarifications that might be helpful, and as always we want to be transparent, all the OC Items respect the Blockchain Pool as there can only be as many OC Items circulating among the players as the Pool has since everything is trade-able to BC version and this is sent by the Pool.

Also, all crafted/enchanted items when traded for the BC version have the same enjin backing. This goes for all the OC Materials/Crystals/Keys/Enchants etc.

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