ETH-USDC Swap Market Launches on PG DEX

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Craig Russo

Nov 12 · 2 min read

The Polyient Games DEX (PG DEX) launched on October 30th with the initial swap market for the Polyient Games Governance Token (PGT).

Since that time, the PGT-ETH pool has accrued roughly $1,100,000 in liquidity from more than 90 different LPs, all of which are sharing a 0.3% transaction fee on trades within the swap market.

Today, we are excited to announce the addition of ETH-USDC as a new swap market in anticipation of the full release of DEX analytics in the coming days.

New Additions

Given that v1 of the PG DEX is a fork of Uniswap, you can expect a highly familiar analytics experience as we expand on these fundamental innovations. This includes the following: pair liquidity, trading volume, price data, and LP rewards.

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To allow for accurate conversion rates, we are today launching the ETH-USDC market as the reference pair for all of our analytics moving forward. This integral pair was added prior to the official launch of PGT governance and liquidity providers for this market will be eligible for all reward outcomes associated with holding PGLP tokens within the PG Ecosystem.

Next Steps

The two options currently on the table are: USDC-USDT and GEM-ETH, which is the utility and governance token for Polyient portfolio company Cargo. GEM was initially released exclusively to PGFK holders and now there is more than 1.15 million GEM being staked with an APY of 205%.

As we’ve previously highlighted, the 0.3% transaction fee reward is just the first stage of LP incentives within the Polyient Games Ecosystem. We are currently tracking wallet metrics including the amount of PGLP tokens pooled, time held in the pool, and more.

All of these factors will build into a robust cascade of reward outcomes that will ultimately feed into the upcoming PG Vault system, a novel NFT & fungible token staking mechanism that will be unveiled later this year.

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