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Oct 28 · 6 min read

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After more than 74.000 cards minted, 35.000 cards rewarded, 111 fantasy game weeks, and 100 onboarded clubs, it’s time to upgrade our fantasy game design to welcome the next wave of Sorare managers.

This new game progression was designed with two goals in mind:

  1. Simplify the rules
  2. Help users progress seamlessly through the divisions

We believe this new version of Sorare’s global fantasy football game levels the playing field, makes the game more competitive, and above all a lot more fun.

Goodbye Power, Hello Bonus

We’ve eliminated the concept of power altogether to merge it in the bonus of a card. Anyone will now be able to compute the score of his card with one single multiplication.

How do bonuses work? A card can have 3 types of bonus:

  • Captain: 20%
  • Season bonus: 5% if the card is from the current season
  • Level bonus: depends on the XP your card has gained and its scarcity

Every time a card is played in a game week, it accumulates experience (XP). The XP helps level up the card to a maximum of 20 levels in the space of 3 years. The progression of level is so that a card gains about 10 levels in 1 season and the resulting 10 levels over 2 more years. Every time your card levels up, it gains 0.5% of bonus. The starting level of a card depends on the card scarcity.

Level ranges are:

  • : Starts at level 0 with a maximum of 20 = a level bonus from 0 to 10%
  • : Starts at level 40 with a maximum of 60 = a level bonus from 20% to 30%
  • : Starts at level 80 with a maximum of 100 = a level bonus from 40% to 50%

In other words, the level bonus can go from 0% (a rare with no XP) to 50% (a unique with 3 years of accumulated XP).

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In the above example:

– Hans Vanaken Rare has a bonus of 8% because the card is level 16/20
– Saul Super Rare has a bonus of 26% because the card is level 52/60
– Nabil Fekir Unique has a bonus 46% because the card is level 92/100

As a reminder, the card score is the player score * (1 + bonus). Your team score is the sum of your 5 card scores.

In the transfer market, we will stop displaying bonuses as they are shown today (fidelity and season), levels, and power under the cards. Instead, the one simplified metric will be displayed: bonus. While this requires some adaptation from current managers, we believe it will simplify the experience of understanding Sorare cards altogether.

Introducing scarcity-based divisions

The divisions have been revamped so that users can enter a specific division based on the scarcity of their cards.

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The Rookie League is our completely free-to-play division. It’s a taste of what managers can achieve in the game: build football knowledge, make friends, compete, and earn prizes. Just like today, it will stay open for new users for a maximum of 8 game weeks.

What’s new? It will be possible to play with up to 2 rare cards in the Rookie League. As a Rookie, you may like to consider buying a rare card as these cards will have a 5% season bonus on the player score over the rookie cards and/or some level bonus if you buy a card from the secondary market that has already acquired experience (XP).

In the other leagues, the different divisions will now be accessible based on the card scarcity you have in your gallery.

We’re delighted to share the breakdown of the cards eligibility for each player in every division. (All-Star, U23, Champions Europe, Challenger Europe, Champions America, and Champions Asia).

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A visual representation of all league progressions

What goals did we have in mind with this new in-game design?

– An easier way to understand division progression for newcomers
– XP is now always a positive bonus. Managers can now “farm” their cards for XP.

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A positive side-effect from these new divisions are the incentives it creates for managers and the clear progression path through the divisions. If you want to compete in D3, you can do so with 5 rare cards, but dipping your toes and buying one or two super-rare cards might make the difference between a top 50 and a top 10! Collecting a third super-rare in your gallery also unlocks Division 2 for managers.

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Pretty solid lineup with Oblak, Marquinhos, Pozuelo and Joao Felix!

Introducing two new concepts: Unique All-Stars and XP Adjustments

Unique League

As the game progresses, and as the amount of managers that can be competitive with full teams of Uniques grows, we’ll introduce a ‘Unique League’ consisting of one division for the game’s scarcest cards.

This Unique Tournament Division will be a ‘Winner takes all’ format with an ETH prize. The prize pool will be dynamic depending on the number of uniques and potential participants in the league.

XP Adjustment

We currently apply a fidelity bonus to all players that remain contracted to the club that is shown on their card. In the real world, player stability in a club usually has a positive impact in terms of performance. Messi performs well because he’s Messi but studies have shown that staying in the same club environment has a positive impact.

With this new iteration, we are making an exciting new change to link the fidelity bonus of a player to you: the Sorare Manager. This is the case since the more a manager uses a card, the higher the level bonus, hence the higher the card score for your team.

On the other hand, in the real world, when a player is transferred, he usually needs time to adapt before becoming very good again (just like Jonathan David right now). To reflect this, when a card will be transferred in the game (via a trade or sold on the secondary market), then the XP accumulated on the card will be halved by 50%.

It is important to note: The XP gets halved, not the level. As the XP progression flattens out with time, a halving of XP does not halve your level bonus.

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Estimated Level after the 50% XP transfer cut

A rare card level 20 that gets transferred goes to Level 15 and not Level 10. On average, a card with some level bonus will lose slightly less than 2% bonus after a transfer.

The XP a card can acquire is progressive in a logarithmic way (it increases faster at the beginning). It will take 3 seasons to fully power up.

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Level progression based on XP acquired

What to expect going forward?

The first step before implementing this new in-game design is to allow all the current managers to go through the new common card draft. Common cards won’t be eligible to level bonus and season bonuses. They will however be useful for existing Managers in Division 4’s. This will level the playing field since some managers have 0, 5, or 10 common cards.

Once the re-draft will be finished, we’ll then be able to implement this new game design. You can expect it to be live in November.

We are confident these changes will lead to even more closely contested tournaments with the most skilled managers in every division fighting for the card rewards.

Creating the best fantasy football game for the world is a bold objective and getting there will be an amazing journey!

PS: We’re hiring — Sorare is growing and looking for smart, creative, passionate optimists. To learn more about open positions check out our careers page.

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