Introducing The New Sorare Tournament Rewards

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Oct 27 · 5 min read

Introducing The New Sorare Tournament Rewards

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Last week, we announced the new rewards and received some very constructive feedback. We’re so humbled to see the energy and the time Sorare managers put into helping improve the game for the long-term and this only increases our commitment to building the best fantasy football game out there.

We’re delighted to introduce you to this upgraded version of Sorare Tournament Rewards.

Since Sorare started in 2019, we’ve been driven by a mission to make playing fantasy football more fun and engaging. A big part of why people play Sorare is to scout, make friends, have fun, and earn rewards. To improve the Sorare experience, we’ve improved rewards with one philosophy:

  • Beat the game, Win ETH prizes
  • Beat other players, Win Cards prizes

This philosophy should be easily understood, meaning fantasy managers of all levels can play Sorare competitively. But first, let’s dive into the theory.

We aim to reward 50% of the available card supply in rewards (40% in-game rewards, 10% referral reward). For every licensed player we fixed a dedicated reward supply per season:

  • 40 Rares (40%)
  • 5 Super Rares (50%)

That dedicated supply cannot be sold. It is then distributed among 2 leagues, the player’s Regional and a Global league.

The categorization of rewards in the different tiers (from Tier 0 to Tier 3) is done through the primary market value of a player. All cards rewarded will have more than 180 minutes played in the last 5 games in both the regional structure and Global All-Star to avoid getting cards of players that are currently not playing. This will increase the value of cards rewarded and will put less of an emphasis on perceived price.

Some additional criteria have been added to create a more relevant reward experience for each structure.

Global All-Star:

  • The player cards will be 23 years old or more

Global U23:

  • The cards must be eligible for the U23 League
  • All cards rewarded will have played at least one minute in the last 5 games

The Global U23 pool categorization is less restrictive to cope with the fact that very few under 23 players are regularly on the starting teams. The U23 rewards will have a scouting feeling since you will win young players that are starting to establish themselves in their respective clubs.

Card Rewards per Game Week

From now on, the Global Tournaments (All-Star and U23) will be available to compete only when there are more than one Regional League that is open during that Game Week.

And now, the good part. Knowing our fixed reward yearly supply we can compute a supply available per GW per league.

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Overall we will be rewarding over 700 cards per game week. This is more than what we’ve been giving average. More so, we will be rewarding in a stable way and with distribution in line with the corresponding available pool. The card prizes will only be available to managers reaching a specific ranking in their division.

These are fixed rankings, meaning that you are competing against other managers in the exact same real-world football conditions. As the number of Managers and Licensed Clubs will grow in the future, the number of rewarded rankings will grow too.

But we don’t stop here, as we want to reward as many people. This is possible by giving out more eth rewards. If you beat the game, you earn eth rewards.

Eth Rewards per Game Week

Finishing on the podium should always be a celebrated achievement. We’ve added eth rewards on all podiums places. We’ve also re-evaluated the prize pool available not to penalize the first position. We hope it’ll increase the motivation of managers to reach the podium rankings. Here’s a breakdown of the eth rewards:

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More so, the Global All-Star League is the flagship league with Division 4 being the most accessible division to new users. Thresholds are fun: they serve as a fixed target to beat in order to get a reward no matter what others did.

We’ve enabled ETH rewards in Div 4 with the following rewards:

  • 0,02 ETH for any user with more than 2200 pts
  • 0,01 ETH for any user with more than 1800 pts

For every game week, the ETH pool prize will be above 20 ETH. There’s a land of opportunity to have fun and get rewarded. Just tell your friends about it!

What will the distribution look like?

The distribution has improved. We are rewarding more people with better prizes. There will be some new arbitrage opportunities for the most strategic managers after this change as we’ve balanced the card rewards between the global and regional structures.

You need to be among this ranking to be eligible for a card reward:

  • Global All-Star: Top 130
  • Global Under-23s: Top 75
  • All Regional Leagues: Top 65
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The new reward structure will be live by 12.00 PM UTC so that you have enough time to analyze it in depth and build your lineups in the most relevant leagues and divisions.

We’re excited to see more managers get rewarded with better prizes over the course of the next few months. Stay tuned, as we’ll be sharing our plans for the new game progression tomorrow which will give you a better understanding of what to expect from the game in Q4.

We’re looking forward to your feedback in the comments or on Discord. We’re more committed than ever to build with you the best fantasy football game.

PS: We’re hiring — Sorare is growing and looking for smart, creative, passionate optimists. To learn more about open positions check out our careers page.

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