Ending Remarks – NFT Tutorials EPI 13

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Posted On October 19, 2020

Have Fun & Take you’re time!

You might be like, “nah Matty, I need to make MONEY”.

1,000’s of opportunities will pass, 1,000’s more will come, I truly believe the NFT space will be huge and we’re extremely early.

So if you rush into it without doing proper research you’ll probably get burnt.

I would highly advise to take your time absorbing all this, it’s basically a new digital economy being built from scratch so plenty of time to catch something early.

There will be many new projects and opportunities to get in on the action.

I personally get into holding events, playing some blockchain games, exploring some early projects coming up, making some art and all the possibilities NFTs allow you to experience.

By doing this, I can get a good feel of what is going to do extremely well!

Enjoy the journey. Don’t kick yourself for missing an opportunity here and there.

There will be plenty more.

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Matty is an Investor in Decentraland, Gods Unchained and NFT Art and frequently writes Analysis posts/updates on the NFT market. You can follow him on Twitter: twitter.com/DCLBlogger

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