Releasing ensjs and Announcing ENS Integration Workshop

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Oct 6 · 2 min read

The original ensjs v1 (aka ethereum-ens) was created almost 3 years ago and had lots of old dependencies, so our frontend developer Jeff Lau rewrote it to modernise the library.

Unlike other js libraries which allow you to do basic operations, ensjs will support the majority of the operations of the ENS registry, registrar, and resolvers.

To demonstrate how to use the library, I created a demo app which allows you to do three basic steps to enable ENS in your dapp (resolve ENS name, support reverse resolution, and let users name things) .

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You can play with the demo at and look into the code here.

I am also doing two workshop next week which covers this new library as well as answer any ENS integration related questions, so if you are hacking on EthOnline hackathon and thinking about adding ENS integration to qualify for our ENS prize, please join via ETHGlobal hackathons, you need to stake 5 xDAI to attend. The stake of people who didn’t turn up will be kicked back to those who attended).

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