Coincheck Helps CryptoKitties and Other NFTs Go Mainstream in Japan

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Coincheck Helps CryptoKitties and other NFTs Go Mainstream in Japan

Leading cryptocurrency exchange in Japan to highlight most reputable NFT projects powered by Ethereum and Flow

A sneak peak at CryptoKitties’ evolution on the new Flow blockchain

Today there are over 40 million people who hold cryptocurrency in wallets or exchanges but have never experienced a decentralized or crypto-enabled app.

It’s about time we changed that.

Coincheck, the leading cryptocurrency exchange in Japan, has just announced a partnership with Dapper Labs to bring NFTs to mainstream Japanese audiences. Coincheck’s focus will be exclusively on projects and assets that are ready for adoption by their millions of users.

Coincheck is one of the earliest and largest crypto companies in Japan, acquired in 2018 by financial conglomerate Monex Group for 3.6 billion Yen. Coincheck is also among the first exchanges to pass the rigorous FSA criteria for licensing.

They are bringing this same level of dedication and rigor to the creation of their NFT marketplace, choosing to list only the most reputable NFTs, starting with CryptoKitties on the new Flow blockchain.

As part of this partnership, Coincheck will be working with Dapper Labs to introduce many of the other great applications, crypto art, and branded IPs developers are bringing to Flow to Japanese audiences as well.

In so doing, Coincheck will be one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges to put NFTs front and center to their community — creating a new wave of adoption for decentralized apps.

What makes this partnership even more exciting is that the Japanese community have already been among the biggest supporters of digital collectibles and NFTs.

Japanese developers have also built some of the most successful crypto applications on Ethereum, including MyCryptoHeroes.

Moreover, Japanese art, comics, and gaming communities are some of the most vibrant in the world.

With digital collectibles more accessible than ever through Coincheck’s NFT marketplace, we can expect a boom in creativity, use cases, and apps around NFTs to serve an ever-growing, diverse user base.

We are excited and honored to welcome Coincheck to the Flow Community!

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