Announcing Sorare’s Community-Led Manager’s World Cup

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Oct 6 · 4 min read

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Game communities are empowering. They are a means of making friends and becoming a part of something exciting and fulfilling. Games are about shared experiences, rendered extraordinarily powerful by interaction and ownership. Sorare’s community can be found in blogs, youtube channels but most vividly in our Discord.

In our Discord, the community has come together to create side-games with Sorare cards. These games are defined by the community, powered for the community, and rewarded with Sorare cards (yes, you can actually win some rare cards and make friends there!).

We are dedicating this blog post to showcase the community’s newest side-game that was recently proposed by one of our community members Klip: the Manager’s World Cup.

Managers World Cup

Nothing brings people together more than a World Cup. It brings people together, regardless of race, gender, culture, or nationality. Most importantly, it is THE global event for the world’s most-played sport.

This Manager’s World Cup is held in Sorare’s Discord. Here is how it works:

You build a team of 4 Managers (with one designated captain), representing a country. There can be multiple teams per country. It’s a knockout tournament starting for the Game Week between the 16th and 19th of October.

Registration needs to happen in the Discord before October 10, 24.00 UTC.

Each member of the winning team will win a star rare card. More importantly, they will be the first World Cup Champions of Sorare.

How does it work?

Each weekend game week where at least two Regional leagues are open, matches will be played (so we don’t play on thin game weeks where managers with fewer cards would have fewer options). Teams will be placed in the bracket by random selection. Each team matchup will be based on 4 individual matches between each team’s managers. Each manager will square off against a manager from the other team and the manager with the better performance in that weekend’s SO5 All-Star Division 4 league wins a point for their team (4 total points available).

Each game week, team captains will select the placement (slots 1–4) of each manager on their team by DM to the cup admin (Klip) by Tuesday. Matchups will be published so managers can set up their lineups while knowing their individual match opponent. If the teams tie 2–2, the tiebreaker will be lower total team rankings and if still tied, lower #1 player ranking.

It is 100% free to enter (but you do need to own rare cards to enter), just find three friends to create a team of four and post your team in the #managers-world-cup channel or to Klip via DM on Discord by October 10, 24:00 UTC. The bracket will be filled with a random draw on Sunday, October 11.

All the entries and the bracket can be found on the google sheet here. You can also see an example of the match format on the bracket tab of the google sheet. Good luck and have fun building teams and creating new relationships with other Sorare managers!

Can I play other side games?

There are 2 other side-games that can be found in our Discord. Here’s a breakdown of each of them with their rules.

1. Post the URL of the player
2. The card you post, you must own it (must be a blockchain card Rare/Super Rare/Unique — NO Common cards)
3. No Duplicates — First to post will claim that player (this also applies in case of pts ties)
4. Post it after the Entries start (after the deadline, your post will not count)
5. Winner will be who selects the player with the lowest score. DNP = Disqualified — Player must get some game time.

Prize = 1 Rare card of the worst-performing player of the week.

1. The manager that is in charge of the game during that game week posts a line-up of 5 games.
2. Everybody can answer with their predictions for these 5 games
3. The scoring works as follow:

4 points for a correct guess of a match,
2 points for a correct guess of the winner or a draw
The 🏦 doubles your points on the predicted lineup. You must choose 1 result to be your banker

4. Entries close at the cut-off date of the game-week.
5. Edited entries will be disqualified

The winner will be who gets the most points. He’s also responsible to organise the next community-led game.

Prize = 1 Rare card for the winner

If you want to have fun with the community, share your passion for your favorite player or club, feel free to join our Discord.

Most importantly, happy World Cup to all. It promises to be a big one with more than 35 teams already registered representing (28 different countries).

Play Sorare today and join the community on:

🔥 Discord:
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