NFT Rights for Axie Owners and Artists

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Sep 29 · 3 min read

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Dear Axie community,

We have seen a surge in player activity lately and subsequently, more artists have started to create fanart inspired by Axie Infinity. We are amazed by some of these creations and love to see how creative our community is.

Example of art pieces that we love:

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Artist: Reilzz
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Artist: Nuu_Art

The above examples are original creations and do not use our existing assets, but are inspired by Axies that the creators either own or create on behalf of the owner.

Until this point, our terms of use have strictly prohibited anyone from using Axie Infinity IP commercially unless given our explicit permission. We have now updated the terms of use to allow Axie NFT owners to create fanart, and monetize their fanart and merchandise commercially, given that they follow our terms:

  1. Anyone creating fanart of Axies needs to either own the Axie they are creating fan art from or receive permission from that Axies owner.
  2. Fan artwork must not use official Axie assets, but creating unique art using Axie assets as inspiration is acceptable.
  3. The artwork must clearly state “Axie Infinity Fanart”, link to, and link directly to the Axie that is being used for inspiration.
  4. An Axie NFT can be used to generate a maximum of $10,000 in revenue before an official license agreement has to be signed. The revenue can come from either fanart (tokenized or physical) or merchandise (t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, etc).

Creating original fanart without monetizing it is fine too, in fact then we do not require you to own the Axies — but seeking consent from the Axie owner is the correct approach.

Ending notes

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