Fantasy Sports meets NBA TopShot— Demystifying NBA TopShot’s true potential

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Back in August, we sneaked ourselves into the “Predict the Moment” mini-game. What started as an experimental community event, turned into an eye-opening experience for us.

We won the competition, so pay close attention: We know our stuff 🏆

Get ready to learn about the true potential of NBA TopShot and why you should get involved.

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Final scoring table for Predict the Moment (w/c 10 Aug) — Swyysh = #1

It’s more than just a gif

We hear this all the time: “Hey Swyysh, what’s so cool about TopShot? I don’t get it: gifs, on the blockchain, for money?!”

As a matter of fact, NBA TopShot moments are gifs, on the blockchain, that are bought and traded for money. Bonus points for being a smart pants, bro🤓

But now listen up and look at this: Predict the Moment.

10 Fans each putting up 5 moments (= 50 moments all in all)

Remember that each moment depicts a play, eg 3 pointer, steal, assist, block. Moments like dunks are labelled as rebounds and lay-ups are free throws made. Handles and jump shots are not eligible.

The competition ran during the week commencing on 10 August.

Now, each fan has to predict the frequency of their selected 5 moments during a game. Our wining moment “Tyler Herro, MGLE #6” (3 pointer) is a picture perfect 3 throw jump shot. So we predicted Tyler would score 3 of these moments per game. We had another horse in the race: “Joe Ingles, Base Set #1187” (Assist) — prediction: 2 assists per game. The winning duo.

Every time the player hits the predicted frequency or more of the play, your moments gets a credit to the tune of your prediction. We predicted Tyler scores 3 3-pointer per game. If that worked out, we received 3 points. If not, we received nil points. Points then get added up for each moment.

Players from teams that did not play on a day are immune from elimination. However, if a team plays but does not field the player, he’s not immune from elimination.

The lowest performing moments are eliminated each day.

Whoever has the highest aggregate score across all active moments by the end of the competition wins.

Why does this matter?

Predict the Moment was a fantasy sports-type game . You don’t just own moments to collect but also to use them in games. You have to go through your moments and identify those players that have a streak, are particularly good against the upcoming teams or are consistently delivering the shots.

Hence, you really deep-dive into the stats and current affairs of the NBA games. Make sure your player is not injured or has an argument with his teammates + coaching staff. You might even identify a new player and then become an avid fan and collector. We ⚡Tyler Herro.

Whatever the impact it has on you, one thing is clear: It sucks you into the wonderful world of NBA and your gateway into active involvement is NBA TopShot.

We are sure that NBA TopShot and the community will come up with more gamified experiences around TopShot. We can only imagine what crazy games will come out and it’s these developments that make us incredible bullish on TopShot moments.

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