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Welcoming Animoca, MotoGP, and StarGirl to the Flow blockchain

This post was originally published on Dapper Labs

Welcoming Animoca, MotoGP, and StarGirl to Flow

Flow is the next-generation blockchain developed by Dapper Labs, the creators of CryptoKitties. Flow is currently live in beta mainnet with NBA Top Shot as its first flagship application.

The Metaverse can’t be built alone. It needs a constellation of dedicated creatives, developers, and passionate gamers. It needs maverick indies but also larger companies that have the resources to enable the endeavors of new creators and increase their reach by expanding the size of the platform.

Animoca entered the world of blockchain when it saw the potential in CryptoKitties and helped it reach a more global audience. Since then, they have been a key supporter in the growth of the NFT industry.

Animoca has invested in essential projects like OpenSea, dapp.com, Axie Infinity, Lucid Sight, and of course Dapper and Flow. Through acquisitions, they have enabled Pixowl/The Sandbox and NWAY to transition towards decentralized games, and have also converted some of the most exciting brands in the world, such as F1, Care Bears, and MotoGP™, to blockchain.

Animoca and Dapper Labs have a shared vision of the Metaverse, and see the assets and apps that our companies create as lego pieces for developers and community members to expand on. We are humbled to welcome Star Girl and MotoGP™ to the new Flow blockchain as a first step in a deeper partnership with Animoca Brands.

With Star Girl, MotoGP™, and the REVV community on Flow alongside other exciting games currently in development, we are kickstarting a burgeoning Metaverse that will attract new vibrant communities to the blockchain for the first time and will allow developers to expand on what’s being offered to these communities.

Star Girl in particular, with its 1 million monthly active users, will usher in a very important and passionate ecosystem of women gamers into our industry, expanding the diversity of people in crypto and breaking the mold of our industry’s demographic. Once launched, we expect the popularity of Star Girl to open up a new dimension to crypto’s appeal, exponentially expanding the kinds of apps and experiences that can be commercially viable.

Join us today:

Welcoming Animoca, MotoGP, and StarGirl to the Flow blockchain was originally published in Dapper Labs on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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