What are “Sets” in NBA TopShot

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Sets are curated collections of NBA TopShot moments

NBA TopShot is made for fans, collectors and traders. What they all have in common is a desire to curate the best moments. These moments can be exclusive to a single player or team.

However, NBA TopShot is more than just player- or team-centric fandom: It’s about owning moments that excite, count and surprise. That’s why TopShot curates spectacular moments by theme.

Sets describe a theme according to which moments are curated.

Examples include:

  • Throwdowns: Face-ripping slam dunks
  • With the strip: Steals. Long arm and quick hands that would pick anything out of your pocket
  • So Fresh: Most elite plays from the NBA 2019/20 season restart in Orlando
  • Rookie Debut or Conference Semifinals

Most Sets feature rare moments. Legendary moments are only included in Holo MMXX, Cosmic and From the Top Sets. Common moments can be found in basic Sets such as the Base Set, Early Adopters and Hometown Showdown Cali vs NY.

How to build Sets? Start with Packs

Sets are sold in packs. Click on “Packs” in the navigation pane to load up available Packs.

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Packs available for sale on NBA TopShot.
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Packs are clearly labelled. Artwork on the Pack denotes the Set. Source: NBA TopShot

If you click on the Pack thumbnail, you get redirected to the detailed view. Here, you can get information on the theme (eg slam dunks), the edition size of rare moments (eg 275), the number of moments (eg 155) and the actual content of the Pack (ie 1 rare throwdown and 5 common base set moments). You can see which moments are featured (ie player and action) as well as which reward can be earned in the challenge (eg Russel Westbrook throwdown).

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Detailed description of the Pack. Source: NBA TopShot

View and keep track of your Sets

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Overview of our Sets. Source: NBA TopShot

NBA TopShot makes it very easy to track your collector’s progress of Sets. You get an overview of all Sets and whether they are in progress or complete. As an example, we competed in the “With the Strip” rewards challenge and completed this Set.

For all the Sets that show in monochrome, we have no moment in our collections.

The platform also lists “Open Sets” and “Closed Sets”. Open Sets such as “With the Strip” can have several waves or drops. Other sets such as “Early Adopters”, “Cosmic” or “Conference Semifinals” are released in one closed Set.

Go to the marketplace to fill in gaps of missing moments

If you miss moments in a Set, just head over to the marketplace.

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