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Sep 10 · 5 min read

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What drives our community to build amazing Axie tools and fan sites? We sat down with Seuchenhund, the creator of, who’s dazzled with his passion and skill so far. has become an increasingly important part of the Axie player toolkit, especially with the recent additions of advanced PvP data analytics. Moving forward we expect to see droves of talented developers like Seuchenhund start contributing to the Axie universe!

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  1. How did you find Axie and what attracted you most about it?

This starts with a sad story. Our cat Lily died at the beginning of 2020 which devastated my wife and me. I was looking for a memorial of Lily to cheer my wife up, when I stumbled across CryptoKitties. I had observed the crypto scene for awhile and already had my own wallet, so I sat down and searched for a kitty which looked like our beloved cat. After a couple days of searching on OpenSea, I finally found the perfect one:

One day, while looking for other funny cats on OpenSea, I somehow stumbled over a bunch of even funnier looking, potato shaped creatures which attracted my attention. After a little research, I found out that those creatures called Axies, aren’t only collectibles, you also can use them in battles. My first team consisted of three weak floor Axies but I enjoyed the game and the artwork. So I decided to join the Discord community to look out for a better team and some guides. I’ve never experienced such an awesome and inspiring community in any other game before. Furthermore, I love that the Axie core team (Sky Mavis) works so close together with the community.

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2. Tell us about why you started What’s your vision for it?

When I got into the Axie Infinity universe, it was very hard for me to differentiate bad Axies from the good ones, so I started looking for a tool with advanced and beginner friendly filters and result data but I couldn’t find one that fit my needs. That’s why I decided to build my own tool and after finishing and using the first version of my finder, I thought, why not share with everyone? That was the birth of The positive and constructive feedback I got from the community kept (and still keeps) me motivated to improve and expand I’d like to make it the number one site for advanced Axie resources and statistics, for beginners and veterans alike.

3. What excites you most about Axie’s future?

I’m really looking forward to the land gameplay. Every leak increases my excitement and I can’t wait any longer to stuff all my Axies into my 2×2 forest estate.

4. What’s the most challenging part about building Axie tools?

At the moment the APIs are a bit of a black box. You don’t know exactly what you can put in to get the result you want. I had to do a lot of reverse engineering plus trial and error while building my tools.

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5. Any sneak peaks into future features for

Currently is mostly PvP orientated. To change that, I’m planning to add some PvE tools or statistics in the future.

Additionally, I have a big list of user feedback with many good ideas to improve existing tools.

I also have an idea for a little web based game which would require the player to only have one Axie to participate. That could be interesting for players who can’t or don’t want to buy three Axies, because I also want to follow the “play to earn” approach. But I’m still in a conceptual phase and before even thinking about development, I’m waiting for the release of Axie Infinitys sidechain “Ronin”.

6. What would you like to see from the Lunacia SDK?

Documentation, documentation, documentation. A good documentation makes working with a SDK so much easier.

7. What’s your background in development? Have you ever been a contributor to an open source product before?

About 11 years ago, I finished my education as a web developer in a higher technical school and I’ve been employed as a full stack web developer for about 10 years. I feel most comfortable with my old school Linux / Apache / MySQL / Php stack but I’m also very interested in learning and using new technologies.

For a couple of years I was pretty active in the Typo3* community and lately I was an active member of the Mautic** community.

*Typo3 is a Content Management System for websites

**Mautic is a (Mail) Marketing Automation Project

8. How do you think the Axie core team can encourage community development moving forward?

I think the team is already doing a good job with giving hints and having an open ear for everyone.

Developing for a brand that still is in its early stages, is a double-edged sword. On one side you have the opportunity to establish yourself and your site and to support the team and the community early on with your tools. But on the other side, not knowing exactly when existing API endpoints will get changed or dropped entirely, leaves behind some uncertainty that you need to suppress while building new tools.

Giving us an idea of which endpoints we can rely on would already help a lot.

Having a bonus/reward or referral system can also attract some more devs / content creators.

9. Any thoughts on governance of the Axie community & product long term?

In my opinion, community governance is an important factor in the crypto space, to protect the rights of every stakeholder. Axie Infinity is heading in the right direction with the introduction of a governance token. It is important to find the right balance for the influence the community has over the whole project.

Thanks for reading our third player spotlight! If you’d like to meet Seuchenhund and ask him about his adventure, make sure to join Axie Discord!

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