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From the early editions of Drakons, the Drakon Masters have seen only one leaderboard, the Ranked Leaderboard. This is where Drakon Masters are listed based on their rank and number of medals won. Medals are what a Drakon Master gets for every victory, Likewise, for every defeat, a Drakon Master loses a medal. This is probably the reason why it was never easy to be on the top of the leaderboard unless a Drakon Master has multiple drakons coupled with a lucky winning streak.

Early Edition of Ranked Leaderboard showing Ranks and Medals won
Early Edition of Ranked Overall Leaderboard showing Ranks and Medals won

This type of ranking became a little boring since those who managed to collect the most medals during the early stage were difficult to topple and have been on the top of the board for what feels like an eternity.

Hence, we introduced the Daily and Weekly Leaderboards as requested by active Drakon Masters who may have been winning from time to time but not enough to be at the top of the main Ranked Leaderboard.

Unlike the Ranked Leaderboard, the Daily and Weekly leaderboards are based on the number of victories, and not by the number of medals. As the names imply, Daily Leaderboard resets everyday at exactly 12:00am UTC, while the Weekly leaderboard resets every Sunday at exactly 12:00am UTC.

These new leaderboards gave new Drakon Masters a chance to be noticed and rewarded based on their daily and/or weekly performance.

Of course, going up the rankings in the main leaderboard is still a little difficult especially for those who own few Drakons. This is because they have to go through several steps before they hit the top.

There are six (6) ranking steps, each with five sub-ranks, and these are (arranged from lowest to highest):

SQUIRE ( 5–1) — total of 25 medals

SERGEANT ( 5–1) — total of 25 medals

KNIGHT ( 5–1) — total of 25 medals

MARSHALL ( 5–1) — total of 25 medals

COMMANDER( 5–1) — total of 25 medals

GRANDMASTER ( 5–1) — total of 25 medals

On every rank, there are 5 sub-ranks that a Drakon Master must pass, meaning that the lowest rank, which is the default rank of a Drakon Master upon signing up is Squire-5. In order to reach Squire-4, a Drakon Master must earn 5 medals, and another 5 medals to move from Squire-4 to Squire-3, and so on.

At first, it seemed like a simple journey since earning a medal is just like winning a battle. However, losing a battle also means losing a medal. That is why there were some cases when a Drakon Master who already reached Sergeant suddenly dropped to Squire-5 again because of a losing streak, regardless of their opponents’ ranks. Even if a Squire defeated a Grandmaster, they will only get a single medal. The Grandmaster would also lose a single medal as well which can easily be regained from other battles.

But things are going to be a little different now. There will be no more dominant Drakon Masters who can reach the top and stay there for a very long time, and all of this is because of what we call Drakon Master Power (DMP) .

Drakon Master Power (DMP)

We are introducing a new leaderboard system that will determine the ranking of every Drakon Master, which would be based on the Drakon Master Power or DMP.

DMP is computed based on an algorithm called ELO. ELO is a rating algorithm where the relative skill levels of players are calculated. It is widely used to rank players in many competitive games and even adapted for use in even for multiplayer competition in different variations.

In this rating algorithm, players with higher ELO rating have a higher probability of winning a game than a player with lower ELO rating. After each game, the ELO rating of players is updated based on a specific formula. When a higher rated player wins, only a few points are transferred from the lower rated player. However, if a lower rated player wins, transferred points from a higher rated player to the lower rate player are far greater.

Customized for Drakons.IO, this ELO rating system is now the new rating algorithm that computes the Drakon Master Power or DMP. Hence, the higher the DMP of a Drakon Master, the higher the rank.

The range across ranks is defined by the following table:

As seen on the above table, the beginning rank of a Squire or the rank of a starting Drakon Master begins with 0 ELO. This ELO changes depending on the outcome of a Drakon Master’s battle. Unlike the previous medal system, this time it’s not a straightforward gain or loss of one ELO. There is a more complex formula behind it which may be explained in future articles.

The idea is that there is a constant multiplier for the victorious Drakon Master and another constant multiplier, a much lower one, for the defeated opponent. This means that with this new algorithm, climbing up the rankings may be a little bit more difficult, while losing a few battles will no longer cause a quick slide down back to Squire ranking.

Also, unlike in the old system where Drakon Masters could stay up at the top and be secured with multiple victories, this time, losing against a lower ranked Drakon Master can cause a great deal of damage to DMP.

The table above also shows that in order for a Drakon Master to reach Grandmaster, a minimum of 3,500 DMP must be earned. That’s Grandmaster 5. To move to the nest sub-rank Grandmaster 4, an additional 200 DMP must be earned. When it reaches 4,500 DMP, the rank stays at Grandmaster and the Drakon Master simply earns more DMP.

With this new DMP-based rating algorithm for ranks, the Daily, Weekly and All-Time Leaderboards will now be using the same algorithm.

Daily and Weekly leaderboards will no longer be based on the number of victories won for ranking, but they will be based on the DMP of Drakon Masters.

The only difference is that in the Daily Leaderboard, the DMP resets every day, while in the Weekly Leaderboard, the DMP resets every week. The Overall Leaderboard, now called the All-Time Leaderboard, is the leaderboard that will never reset.

Daily Leaderboard showing the Top 3 Drakon Masters
Weekly Leaderboard showing the Top 3 Drakon Masters
All-Time Leaderboard showing the Top 3 Drakon Masters

One notable modification to the leaderboards, especially in the All-Time leaderboard, is that idle Drakon Masters or those who have failed to battle in the Ranked Battle Arena for at least a month will be removed from the leaderboard and will have their DMP decreased. They will only be returned in the leaderboard when they battle again in the Ranked Battle Arena. The deducted DMP, however, will no longer be added back. Hence, they will need to earn the lost DMP back again by winning ranked battles.

The Season Leaderboard is a new leaderboard in Drakons.IO. This is a leaderboard that ranks Drakon Masters based on their performance within a season.

A season is a period inside Drakons.IO that may last for a certain number of days, weeks or months. As of writing, the current configuration of a season is a month. This means that the Season Leaderboard resets every month and all Drakon Masters who played within that season will be rewarded with different items. Yes, Drakon Masters will now be receiving rewards depending on their rank at the end of every season! Even Squires will receive rewards as long as they ended the season with at least 100 DMP.

The Season Leaderboard has two (2) sections. The “Current Ranking” section, and the “Last Season” section. The Current Ranking section will list Drakon Masters with their current rank in the season, while the Last Season section will list the top Drakon Masters in the previous season together with the rewards they received. This is to serve as inspiration to Drakon Masters to challenge themselves to be on top of the Season Leaderboard.

The Season Leaderboard — Current Ranking

The latest additional leaderboard in Drakons.IO is the Ultimate Battle Leaderboard, which we introduced softly on 1 September 2020. As the name suggests, the Ultimate Battle Leaderboard is the leaderboard for the Ultimate Battle Arena. This is where the names of the Drakon Masters who participated in the Ultimate Battle Arena will be listed.

Like the Season Leaderboard, the Ultimate Leaderboard will have two (2) sections, the “Current Ranking” section and the “Previous Winners” section. The Current Ranking section shows the present ranking of all Drakon Masters participating in the Ultimate Battle Arena for that specific day, while the Previous Winners section lists all Drakon Masters who were victorious in the last Ultimate Battle, together with the loot they brought home from the said arena.

Notice that in the Current Ranking for Ultimate Battle Leaderboard, DMPs of other Drakon Masters are not revealed. This is to create a little thrill since you won’t see the real score until the end of the Ultimate Battle. This will drive people to monitor their ranking and battle when necessary. This also means that those on top won’t be able to relax and rest on their laurels because they wouldn’t know if the Drakon Masters below are just a few DMP away from them.

The Ultimate Battle Leaderboard — Previous Winners
The Ultimate Battle Leaderboard — Current Ranking

These new leaderboards are not just for show or additional bragging rights for Drakon Masters, they also come with rewards and prizes!

Whenever a Season Ends, Drakon Masters will receive the following rewards and prizes depending on their rank by the end of the season:

Table of End of Season Rewards and Prizes per Rank

For example, Drakon Masters who have reached the rank of a Grandmaster by the end of the Season will received 18,000 gems, 1,000 orbs, 6 big food and card boost bundles.

The Prize classification of Food bundles will be as follows:

Prize Classification of Food Bundles

The Prize classification of Card bundles will be as follows:

Prize Classification of Card Bundles

To date, the rewards are given away to Drakon Masters every month or by end of every Season.

For Drakon Masters participating in the Ultimate Battle Arena, they will be receiving Ultimate Rewards every day.

These rewards are as follows:

Ultimate Battle Prizes per Rank

This means that every day, Drakons will be giving away these items including more than 5,000 gems to the top 10 victorious Drakon Masters who participated in the Ultimate Battle Arena. The only condition is that they should have DMPs that are at least half of the DMP of the top 1 Drakon Master. This means that if the top Drakon Master ended up with 1000 DMP, only an additional 9 Drakon Masters with at least 500 DMP will be included in the top 10 list.

The rest will be given consolation prizes. All Drakon Masters who participated in the Ultimate Battle but did not make it to the top 10 will be receiving 500 shards. These shards could then be swapped or exchanged to gems with an initial exchange rate of 1000 shards = 1 gem.

Ultimate Battle Top 1 Player Sample Reward

The most prized item in this list are the Drakons Gems. Yes! These gems are valuable because these are the only items that could be swapped or exchanged with Drakons Tokens which will be introduced soon.

The initial exchange ratio of gem to token will be 1:1. Drakon Masters who receives 18,000 gems by the end of each season will have assets that can soon be converted to 18,000 Drakons Tokens.

The major takeaways from this article:

  1. Leaderboards now use a new scoring system called DMP (or Drakon Master Power), which is based on the ELO scoring system customized to conform with Drakons.IO. Medals will no longer be used in any of the ranking system or leaderboards.
  2. Unlike the old medals system, the new DMP system will allow Drakon Masters to gain/lose a number of points depending on the opponent’s DMP.
  3. There are 2 new leaderboards introduced: the Season and the Ultimate Leaderboards. Qualified Drakon Masters in these leaderboard will receive rewards.
  4. The history of Drakon Master ranks are saved and can be viewed on the “Previous” season leaderboard.
  5. The most prized items which are the Drakons Gems can be won everyday in the Ultimate Battle Arena. These gems could be exchanged to Drakons Tokens which would be introduced soon.

Stay updated and and watch out for our next article, Drakons Ultimate Battle Arena, where everything you need to know about this new and exciting arena will be discussed and explained.

Keep in touch and #BeADrakonMaster!

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