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Star Trek: Discovery + CSC Event

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Attention Commanders! Star Trek warps into the CSC Universe once again! A new line up of ships from Star Trek: Discovery enters the CSC Universe during this 6-week long Event! Here we will go into the Auction, Crate, and the In-game Event! It all begins on September 3rd!


There will be five 1-of-1 unique FF(First Fleet) ships available Dutch auction-style during this Event. To have a First Fleet ship means to have unlimited replication and not have to worry about permaloss for your ship. All ships will start at $100,000 (~209.59ETH, depending on the price of ETH at the start of the auction) and go down to $0 overtime. This is an ETH only auction. The first auction will begin on September 3rd at 11 AM PST and will be the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 from the Star Trek: Discovery series. Check below for the Auction schedule.

The ships that will be auctioned:

U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 (Star Trek: Discovery) — Sale starts September 3rd at 11 AM PST / ends September 11th (8 Days)

U.S.S. Shenzhou NCC-1227 — Sale starts September 12th at 11 AM PST / ends September 20th (8 Days)

Klingon Sarcophagus — Sale starts September 21st at 11 AM PST / ends September 29th (8 Days)

USS Yeager NCC-1437— Sale starts September 30th at 11 AM PST / ends October 8th (8 Days)

U.S.S. Discovery NCC-1031 — Sale starts October 9th at 11 AM PST / ends October 15th (6 Days)

The All New Star Trek: Discovery Crate — (limited supply)

Unlocking on 9/3 at 2pm PDT is the Star Trek: Discovery Crate. There are only 20,000 of these crates and they are around for only a limited time — until 10/15. Priced at 2,000 GFC($20) The Star Trek: Discovery Crate comes with 5 items: Star Trek Ship Skins and/or Star Trek Ships. Getting a Star Trek Ship is a rare drop, Commanders! But don’t fret! Those Star Trek Ship Skins can be deconstructed into Shards according to each Star Trek Ship Class. And once you collect 25 shards of a specific Star Trek ship you can turn-in those shards to Offer Missions in-game in EQ Pegasi for the actual Star Trek ship.

Ships offered in crate:


Ship Skins offered in crate:

Crossfield-Class Skin
Walker-Class Skin
Constitution-Class Skin
Sarcophagus Skin
Cardenas-Class Skin
Bird-of-Prey Skin

Game Event

Mysterious Rifts appear once again in EQ Pegasi! All Commanders needed to help aid the GFI in controlling this new threat! Report to EQ Pegasi asap Commanders! Read more on the lore of this event HERE

  • Defeat the FSC pirates who have commandeered Bird-of-Preys and the colossal Sarcophagus!
  • Collect Divergence Shards and exchange them for a chance at various rewards, including the new Star Trek: Discovery Ship Skins!
  • Complete transport missions to aide the GFI effort to study the rifts!

9/3 Timetable Summary

First Auction(U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701) – 11am PDT

Star Trek Crate Sale — 2pm PDT

Star Trek Game Event — 3pm PDT


Are you ready, Commander? Jump into CSC now!

Safe flying!

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