Muse x CryptoKitties: Introducing Marty and Mibbles, the first officially-licensed music NFTs


Muse x CryptoKitties: Introducing Marty and Mibbles, the first officially-licensed music collectibles for the MetaVerse

These Limited Edition CryptoKitties are inspired by the immersive, creative, visual world in Simulation Theory, the band’s latest hit album

“Without my music, where would I be
You taught me how to cry and still remain a G”
– Nate Dogg

Music is at once deeply personal and unabashedly social. From band posters on dorm-room walls to Spotify playlists, from t-shirts bought at concerts to autographed LP covers, the music we listen to — and how we choose to show off our fandom — in a lot of ways makes us who we are.

That’s why I’m so excited to present Marty and Mibbles, limited edition CryptoKitties and the first-ever officially-licensed music collectibles on the blockchain. Marty is inspired by Matt Bellamy’s transformation during Muse’s ‘Something Human’ video, while Mibbles depicts the mini-monster who created chaos in the band’s video for ‘Pressure’.

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Marty and Mibbles are purely digital creatures: they are born on the blockchain and will live forever. Just like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, fans who get their hands on either Marty or Mibbles can keep them for the kinds (family heirlooms!) or trade them with others for real money.

Unlike cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, each Marty and each Mibbles is individually unique — in other words, they are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Each NFT in the collection will be edition-authenticated by the band and will be available in limited quantities.

These two CryptoKitties represent our first collaboration with Muse (whose lead singer, Matt Bellamy, is a Dapper Labs investor) and Warner Music Group, one of the world’s largest music labels and among our closest partners and backers.

Both Kitties are ultra-limited edition: only 199 Marty’s will ever exist — and Mibbles is being bred by our players as we speak! Guide coming out soon on how to get your own 😻

What are NFTs?

As NFTs, Marty and Mibbles — and indeed all CryptoKitties — are closer to physical collectibles like trading cards or Beanie Babies than they are to digital stickers or pictures on your camera roll:

CryptoKitties and other NFTs are the building blocks for the MetaVerse, made for a world that’s increasingly digital. Today’s fans need a digital dorm room wall as well as a digital bookshelf — NFTs are an open standard which means anyone can build apps to let users play with them.

Just like a Bitcoin or ETH token, NFTs can be limited edition (digitally scarce), freely tradable, and under the control of their owner. You can buy and sell CryptoKitties on — or you can take them to third party marketplaces like Opensea.

NFTs are created and managed by smart contracts that themselves can be made immutable on whatever blockchain they’re based on — that means your NFT benefits from the same security and permanence as the underlying native cryptocurrency asset. CryptoKitties will be around hundreds of years from now, as long as a single individual is running an Ethereum node.

The result of this is the most amazing thing about NFTs: they are open to be built on by any third party company or independent developer around the world, without permission or platform risk.

About the Technology

As with all CryptoKitties, Marty and Mibbles live on the Ethereum blockchain today and will soon have a bridge to travel over to our new blockchain, Flow, and the universe of apps on top.

Muse Kitties will be among the first to receive access.

Flow is a new blockchain network built from the ground up for consumer apps, games, and the digital assets that power them. We believe in an open MetaVerse where anyone can create — and drive value for their creations. Digital assets like NFTs and cryptocurrencies are the fuel that runs through the open worlds people will build on top of Flow.

To learn more, hop into and join the movement 🌊

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