We are auctioning off an Exclusive Edition Pepito, the Mascot to help save non-digital kitties!

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The Morse Meows Shelter is saving kitties from Strasburg, Virginia by taking them off the streets and getting them ready to find their furrever homes!

We are supporting them by auctioning off one of the 20 Exclusive Edition Kitties of our beloved Pepito, the Mascot.

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This Exclusive Edition Kitty was created to support charitable organizations of different kinds, in this case changing kitties lives. Do you want to support the kittens and get your paws on the Exclusive Edition version of Pepito?

You can place a bid for Pepito, the Mascot here.

You can also show your support by donating directly to the Morse Meows fundraiser.

Let’s continue saving kitties of the kind that you can cuddle with through our amazing community of digital furry Cat lovers!

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