AMA Recap: AlterVerse

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AMA Recap: AlterVerse

Earlier this week, we hosted a live AMA in our Telegram community with Scot Kinney, the Founder & CEO of AlterVerse.

Here’s what Scot had to say about the ambitious gaming and world-building multiverse and its debut title, Disruption, an FPS set aboard massive Starships owned and operated by players.

Welcome Scot! We have a lot of questions for you, but to start, let’s have you briefly introduce yourself and AlterVerse.

Scot: Hi everyone. I’m Scot Kinney, the chief cook and bottle washer in the AlterVerse. I started out creating my own local online service and ISP way back in 1995. In 2004, I started working on some of the early concepts for what is now the AlterVerse in a game we called Blood Clans.

Over the past several years, the AlterVerse concept has evolved and solidified, keeping up with new technologies in the gaming industry.

The AlterVerse itself is a gaming and world-building platform where server owners will soon be able to create and host an infinite number of interconnected worlds and games.

Players will enjoy leveling up via a variety of game play including classic FPS action, PvP battles, Co-op battles, Adventure Quests, Racing Competitions, Tournaments, and Deathmatches. Not to mention the perfect setting for all kinds of Roleplay.

We started building the world prototypes back around 2015 and most of them are complete with the exception of a final art-pass and will be released one by one after we finish up the base gameplay mechanics.

We’re just a few weeks away from releasing the first game, Disruption, on Steam’s Early Access.

Disruption begins the story of mankind’s entry into an alternate universe. It’s set aboard massive, player-owned starships and offers 5 modes of game play within one game.

We did a major update last week, adding co-op Alliance Wars, and a new “esports” focused website. There’s a huge list of the new, improved features here:

AMA Recap: AlterVerse
Major Update in the AlterVerse

Major website update adds the ability for Players to challenge Players, Alliances to challenge Alliances in co-op battles, and Tournaments! Check out the new site at

Currently, we’re fixing a few bugs, adding a couple more features, and polishing up the marketing before release.

Over the course of the next couple of years, the story unfolds as we release 5 discovered Home Worlds in different themes; Sky City, a free information hub; and 10 fun quest levels.

With most of these worlds, users will be able to host, modify, and monetize. We’ll release the World Editors part-way through our timeline as well.

Do you plan on implementing roles in the game? Engineers, fighters, messengers, escorts, etc.?

Scot: The type of roles you mentioned are more RPG style, but we just added a new XP System that will give players the ability to achieve Rank titles starting with Private, Crewman, Specialist, Ensign, etc., on up to Cmdr X.

The titles will be displayed in-game in front of your name above your head and on the website, “Sgt PlayerName,” for example. Details are here.

Could you add picture frame tiles to the crew rooms for displaying assets or art tokens?

Scot: I’ll take a minute to mention that each ship has 32 tokenized crew rooms that the ship owner can sell, rent, or give as incentives. The rooms can be locked, and fully customized by the owner of the token.

Part of releasing the World Editors is creating a system that will allow you to stream new images, models, and textures to players as they come to your version of a pre-made world.

We’ve already created a Pack system. A Pack will contain the majority of the art needed for each world. This prevents players from having to completely download all of the basics when going to your version of Disruption or one of the Home Worlds for example.

But, then once you start to modify the layout of models, the terrain, the grass, trees etc., those changes have to be streamed to the player coming to your world. Also any new models, sounds, textures etc. that you might add.

So the answer is yes, but not until we release the World Editors.

Will you be incorporating any multiverse items?

Scot: We already have versions of all of the original Multiverse items except one. So if you come into the game and link your Enjin Wallet, you’ll be able to skin your Plasma Hammer with our ForgeHammer skin, etc.

Take a look here.

Alterverse in its current state shines as a game that allows you to customize all the assets that you own from guns to the Disrupter servers. Are there plans to further this theme such as customizing where enemies (yuls) spawn or being able to add custom tokens for raiders to loot?

Scot: Yes, we’re constantly adding new ways for server owners to customize their pre-made game servers. Once we release the World Editors, the sky’s the limit.

Adding custom tokens the players can loot is a horse of a different color though. Mainly, it’s an issue of speed and player adoption. We want to be able to bring in mainstream players who have no prior experience with blockchain and then show them the light.

So, our system uses a standard in-game currency that runs very fast and doesn’t require a wallet. However, if they want to buy a skin or win a tokenized skin, then they’ll need a wallet.

Once we release it on Steam, we’ll have a method for our blockchain gamers to exchange the in-game Faces for our ENJ-backed Aces.

AMA Recap: AlterVerse
AlterVerse: Disruption on Steam

Add AlterVerse: Disruption to your wishlist on Steam for PvP Melee Matches, Alliance vs Alliance Wars, Tournaments, Starship Raids, Dog Fight Death Matches, and more.

Are there any plans for virtual reality gameplay?

Scot: Yes! The game is compatible with the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

We need to spend a couple of days before release on Steam tweaking and testing again to make sure it’s as smooth as possible. But, we have been watching our Frames Per Second closely during development to reduce frame drops etc.

I have a local VR Arcade owner here who is dying for us to create a VR-specific experience, so we’re thinking about what that might look like and how we can do it with the least amount of time and expense but still make for a very cool, fun mini-game.

In different games I’m able to change my avatar when desired. Can I do that in AlterVerse?

Scot: Absolutely, extensively. You can change from male to female, change the skin tone, face shape, hair style and color, eye color, facial hair for males and makeup for females, war paint, tattoos and scars.

Then you move onto the uniforms. There are 8 designs and each design can be colored in millions of colors. All of the uniform skins are tokenized and backed by Enjin Coin.

Take a look at this short video example:

What role do you think AlterVerse will play in making blockchain highly adaptable for the worldwide stage?

Scot: Our first challenge is to make AlterVerse visible and increase the number of active players.

As it grows, new players will begin to see that along with having a great time playing and building in the AlterVerse, they will start to see the advantages and opportunities blockchain technology has to offer; earning money playing and/or hosting servers, investing in valuable skins, securely storing and owning those skins etc.

What is the major advantage of holding a lifetime citizenship of AlterVerse?

Scot: Each game will be released separately and will cost between $10-40 each (est.). Holders of the Elite Lifetime Citizenship token never have to pay for any of the additional games we release.

Each Elite Lifetime Citizenship is numbered and backed by Enjin and tracked on the blockchain. Only 2000 ELC will ever be created. Nearly half of them have already been sold.

As a Citizen, you have a distinct tap-link skin that you can wear in the game.

Over time we’ll introduce additional perks for Citizens like exclusive access to certain games or areas in games, first access to certain games, etc.

To participate in tournaments in AlterVerse, is it necessary to do KYC?

Scot: For those who don’t know, KYC stands for Know Your Customer. When selling stocks or investments there are requirements in the US and other countries to KYC so you know their age and financial position.

No, you don’t need to pass any KYC to play in a tournament.

In your opinion, how will blockchain help the development of gaming industry? Do you think gaming is one of the top use cases for blockchain technology adoption?

Scot: I definitely think gaming is a top use case for blockchain and because of that will help in mass adoption and awareness. Being able to hold your hard earned skins and other assets securely in a wallet will definitely benefit gamers and the gaming industry.

How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates about Alterverse?

Scot: I thought you’d never ask! I’ve prepared a list of places you can go for info and updates:

There are a couple more I’m sure, but that’s a good start!

What can players do to help support the AlterVerse? What is Solone System? What is the role of Solone in AlterVerse Platform?

Scot: The number one thing players can do to help support us is play and invite your friends to play. Spread the word!

The game is more fun the more players there are.

AMA Recap: AlterVerse

The Solone System is the solar system the first explorers (you guys) find themselves in when entering the AlterVerse. It has several habitable planets and moons to explore!

Where can we play the AlterVerse game? Are there plans to make an AlterVerse mobile game?

Scot: Now that you have a Citizenship, we’ll send you a Steam key and you can go there and install the game. For the current time, it’s only available on PC. We don’t have any immediate plans for console or mobile, but you never know.

What was your favorite game to play as a kid?

Scot: They didn’t even have computers when I was a kid. At least not home computers. We played a lot of Hide ‘n Seek and King of the Hill. So now you know where I got the ideas for the AlterVerse game modes!

Scot: Thanks everyone! We had a lot of great questions, and I had to pick just a few. I’d love to answer more in-game. I can usually be found hanging around the Magellan ship. We have built-in voice chat, no mask required!

Head over to to check out the new site if you haven’t seen it yet. You can challenge other players, other alliances and join tournaments.

We’re anxious to get a few Alliances/Teams organized and doing some co-op battles. We’ll be running tournaments and other events over the next couple of weeks with ENJ-backed prizes, so join our Telegram to get the announcements.

We’d like extend a big thank you to Scot for taking the time to join us, and to everyone who participated!

Until next time—see you in the chat room.

AMA Recap: AlterVerse
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