First Dreadnaught Class Ship Manufactured!


Ruby Ronruen

Jul 22, 2020 · 2 min read

Hello Commanders!

We have very exciting news! The first-ever Dreadnaught class ship has been crafted by Commander DojiFlip! This is the first Dreadnaught class ship a player has crafted into existence. This was no easy feat! The manufacturing time of this ship is a whopping 42 days. The raw resources collected were over 25 million units and over 5000 subcomponents were needed to get manufacturing started on this starship. The hours of grinding to obtain the blueprints, resources, and the general wait time of manufacturing is a massive undertaking but one that is commendable and historic within the CSCverse.

Now this commander can keep their newly manufactured Dreadnaught and play in-game or they can sell it in the in-game marketplace or a third-party marketplace like OpenSea like the owner of the original Battlecruiser did.

The original Battlecruiser purchased by Commander Cocobear was a 1 of 1 ship that he bought from Lucid Sight for $25,000 (41 ETH) and was later resold for $55,000~ (250 ETH)last year! Dreadnaught class is the largest class within CSC and is a behemoth of a ship. It is a historically valuable ship that is rare and sought after. So congratulations again DojiFlip on manufacturing the first Dreadnaught class ship into existence!

CSC is currently free to download on Steam until 7/26! Now is the perfect time to get your friends to join in on your CSC space adventure!

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