Breeding fees for our upcoming Fancy Chases

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As you may know, the breeding fee is currently fluctuating beyond 0.008 ETH. This is due to the sustained increase in gas prices on the ethereum network. These gas prices directly affect the cost for autobirthers to birth your Kitties.

Because of high gas prices, some of your Kitties have failed to give birth in a timely manner as there is no incentive for autobirthers when the cost to birth your cat exceeds the breeding fee reward. It’s important that the breeding fee is always above the cost to give birth to a Kitty so that your Kitties can be birthed in a timely manner especially during a Fancy chase.

We understand how important it is to have a predictable breeding fee so that you can make an informed decision to participate in this Fancy chase.

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that gas will decrease. There are also no guarantees that it won’t increase. The breeding fee requires flexibility to be updated so that cats can get birthed quickly during the upcoming window.

We can commit to predictably updating the breeding fee at 9:00am and 9:00pm PST on most days. We will average OUR autobirther’s giveBirth transaction costs over the previous 12 hour period and update the fee with guidance from this table.

We reserve the right to forego a fee update if we feel like it will be in the best interest for players. One example could be a large sustained spike at 8:00pm.

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We understand these are complicated circumstances and we are open to hearing your thoughts for other viable alternatives that we could explore in the future.

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