The CryptoKitties Artist Series

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May 13 · 2 min read

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The Artist Series is a collection of CryptoKitties inspired by creatives in the blockchain ecosystem. Our first Artist Series release features four CryptoKitties by Momo Wang, a multiple award-winning and internationally recognised illustrator based in Beijing.

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Momo Wang is the creator of the highly popular Tuzki character, a black and white line drawing of a bunny that is one of the most recognised characters in China and used widely across various instant messaging platforms. Over 40 million Tuzki stickers are sent daily on Facebook and WeChat!

The Momo Wang collection features four avant-garde cats inspired by DADA ballet costumes that each possess an authentic take on the genetic makeup of a CryptoKitty. A second look at any of these cats will reveal something you did not see previously. A direct challenge to our very own Doc Purr, Momo Wang channeled their inner Mad Scientist to redefine the meaning of genetic mutations.

Animoca Brands has been a key partner of CryptoKitties since January 2018, and brokered the collaboration between CryptoKitties and Momo Wang.

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Catterina, Special Edition CryptoKitty

Momo’s first CryptoKitty, Catterina, is a Special Edition in a limited run of 100 priced at $100. Catterina will be exclusively available on Nifty Gateway. Once all 100 Kitties sell out, we will unveil the Exclusive 1 of 1 in an auction.

Nifty Gateway is a platform for collectors and artists that allow the exhibition and exchange of rare artworks.

Half of all proceeds from this sale will go to Feeding America and Food Banks Canada to help communities impacted by Covid-19 by providing safe access to food. Your support will help lessen the burden on these nation-wide networks dealing with the increased demand due to illness, closures and job disruptions.

If you prefer to amass your collection through breeding, there are two incredibly special Momo Wang Kitties reserved as Fancies to breed to your heart’s desire. One of these Kitties would make a purrfect pair for Catterina. The first Momo Wang Fancy will be breedable starting from May 23rd for a limited time.

Set your alarms and create a Nifty Gateway account to be ready for this drop. It’ll go live at exactly 4:00pm Pacific Time tomorrow!

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