CryptoKitties Head to the Links in Style with Arena Golf

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Mar 27 · 2 min read

At CryptoKitties we’re always looking for new ways to bring Kitties to life in different ways. Interoperability is one of the superpowers of blockchain technology that we love to take advantage of.

In our newest mashup, we’re bringing the Kitties to a course near you (well, everything on the internet is closeby) by partnering with brand new dapp, Arena Golf. Our newest Kitty Trick will allow holders to access a special Founder golfer kittied out in the hottest cat-parel. Not only that, but Kitty golfers will be able to participate in a side tournament with real-money prizes that only feline oriented golfers are invited to.

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In case you’ve been living under a rock, Kitty Tricks as superpowers held by some CryptoKitties. These powers let your cats unlock cool hidden features like Founder NFTs in Arena Golf, creating exciting new ways to play with your cats. With every new ability, your Kitties gain more utility and grow more valuable and fun.

Our newest Kitty Trick with Arena Golf will be redeemable for a limited time and you can get your hands on it by breeding or buying our newest Fancy cat, Cai. If you’re shopping for this trick, check out the Kitty Tricks section on the Kitty profile and look for a ⚡ emoji to confirm it is unused. The trick is redeemable through March 16th.

👉 Ready to start using your Tricks? Follow 📚 this guide from our fan favorite, community cool cat, rudem00se.

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