How Blockchain Technology Can Improve Education By Using Gamification

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Learning is the acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience, or being taught.

We as humans always tend to remember what we experience but forget what we study after some time. 

We, humans, tend to forget what we are being taught or study but remember what we experience. In today’s time, one of the core problems of learning and teaching process is that we are focused more on what we are taught rather than how we are taught. But what if we can somehow turn the tables?

What if we can gamify the learning experience and engage students more?

I have been posed with this question many times, and even after so many years my answer remains the same “well that would be pretty dope, but how can we turn boring education into a gamified experience?”. I got the answer to this question with blockchain.

So the next question that comes to mind is how can blockchain change the way we learn?

Before diving deeper into the question let me first answer what is a Blockchain.

Blockchain is a disruptive technology, that is changing our economy. It is a list of records, stored in a distributed ledger and is immutable by design. Each record (i.e. block) contains a cryptographic hash of a previous record and a timestamp and so creates a list, a chain of blocks — blockchain. Information, once stored on the blockchain, cannot be altered. As a result, people trust the information on the blockchain. Simply put, what the internet was to communication, blockchain is to trust.

How Blockchain can gamify learning?

Blockchain and gamification is a match made in heaven. 

Gamification is the act of layering game-like features onto a platform, this is a powerful tool when used with blockchain. We can make learning more fun when we use treasure hunt or mission-based learning for students. When students learn a particular topic he/she can be provided with tokens which can further unlock value. But how will these tokens be different?

Each of these tokens will be identifiable and distinguishable, they are known as Non Fungible Tokens or NFT’s.  They can be used as a method to record the ownership of indivisible and unique assets. You can read more about NFT’s here.

These NFT’s can then be used to gamify the learning experience as there would be a competition between students that he/she collected this token and completed this level, which can make the process of learning more interesting and engaging.

Gamification at a more fundamental level can drive strong behavioural changes when combined with repeated retrieval, it can make sure to attain as well as retain a learners attention, challenge, engage, entertain as well as teach them.

So, in conclusion, I think that gamification is the key to getting the attention of the Z-generation and help them learn in an engaging and competitive environment.

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Co-Founder and Content Lead at Zubi. Empowering people towards emerging tech.


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