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If you are a fan of strategy games and territorial expansion, you’re gonna love 0xUniverse! 0xUniverse is the youngest member of the 0xGames family, the gaming studio behind 0xRacers and 0xWarriors.

The game opened in Beta Public in March 2018, for an official launch in July 2018, and is probably the Blockchain game offering the best visual experience to date.

0xUniverse mixes stunning graphics, an innovative business model, and a large and varied gaming experience to keep the player excited for months.

The Concept

The goal of the game is simple: develop your empire in the galaxy by extending your influence on new planets. Each planet has specific resources (Gold, Iron, Population, …) that will be useful for developing your empire.

You’ll need to invent and build spaceships to navigate from one planet to another and conquer new planets.

The Gameplay

To start your journey in 0xUniverse you will need to buy a planet. Choosing your first planet is decisive for the rest of your adventure in 0xUniverse.


There are 4 types of planets in the galaxy, from the most common to the most exceptional:

  • Common
  • Rares
  • Epics
  • Legendary

The rarer the planet is, the more scarce and abundant resources it will have, and generally the larger population, but of course the legendary planets are also more expensive than others!

Also note, if you like to collect, that the epic and legendary planets always have a unique design that you can easily recognize.


There are 29 different resources in the game. Before buying a planet, it’s important to look at what resources the planet can provide, and how fast. The common resources are indicated in white, the rare in blue, the epic in yellow the legendary in purple.

Resources are needed to build more and more powerful ships capable of discovering more distant planets.

Here is an exclusive list of all the resources available in the game:

The resources of each planet are indicated via the initials and a color code that allows you to identify them quickly:

The Spaceships

Once you’ve bought your first planet, you’ll be able to invent and build spaceships. You will need the right amount of some resources, as well as a minimum population to build your very first ship.

Spaceships allow you to explore new planets and increase your empire. A whole system of class and level is proposed to refine your strategy according to the spaceship you choose to build, but we will let you discover it by yourself 😉

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The game economy

0xUniverse was the 7th project in terms of transaction volume for 2018, whereas this project was only created in the middle of the year.

Since then, there has been a steady increase in the number of players and the volume of transactions.

In total, over $ 288,000 have been transacted through 0xUniverse Smart Contract in just 6 months, so about $ 1,582 / day!


More than just words, we invite you to discover the experience and explore the universe for yourself, it’s here:

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