The Kitty Clock is preggo with Dreggo

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When the Kitty Clock ends Draco the Magnificent will be released from his prison — but before that, we have other surprises in store


Nov 23, 2018 · 1 min read

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Eons ago (well, at least one year ago) Draco the Dragon was locked away in a mysterious realm known as the Kitty Clock. But now that the Kitty Clock is coming to an end, Draco’s brood has begun to pour through.

Last night, instead of releasing a standard Gen 0, the Kitty Clock gave the community a surprise: Dreggo, the dragon hatchling of all our dreams!

The Kitty Clock is the name of the account we use to release Gen 0s, some of the rarest CryptoKitties in the game. On November 30th that account will stop releasing new Gen 0s — forever.

Hey there! Want to know more about Dreggo and the other dragon cats? You’ll have to head over to our new blog to read the rest of the post! All of our blogs are moving there, and starting next week we’ll no longer be using Medium for regular updates.

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