This White Elephant is actually a cat in a onesie

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The CryptoKitties #1 Fan contest winner is sharing his collection of Kitties with the community — and you can take part!

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In August, we ran a contest asking who our #1 Fan was — and now that fan is giving his prize back as part of a White Elephant Christmas contest.

And the winner was…ADHD!

We had some amazing entries to our #1 Fan Contest. We even got some pretty incredible fan art!

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But the winner was easy to choose. @ADHDKitties sent us a touching missive in six parts:

1/6 I don’t believe I am Cryptokitties #1 Fan, as there a lot of very dedicated community members that very much love @CryptoKitties as well. But this is a chance for me to share my story. I grew up in a very poor family, and around not so great group of delinquents i called

2/6 “friends”. Upon certain actions last year around this time, I was dealing with a major identity crisis. I grew up into a life where I believe the actions of my friends were right based off of the fact that I grew up with them and upheld the principle of loyalty.

3/6 Yet, I knew what they were doing was wrong and I started distancing myself from them. But doing so, I started wondering who I was. And then I found Cryptokitties. I was surrounded by some of the smartest and not to mention most talented people, I have ever met.

4/6 I realized that I want to be like my new friends, I wanted to grow in this direction. I started saving up any money I can make doing little jobs for people and investing what I could whenever I could into making more cats and hanging out with the community.

5/6 I then realized how educated most of the community was and that inspired me to go back to school this upcoming fall semester. I know I’m not very good at school, but a few members of the community have reached out to me and offered me help

6/6 anytime I am lost with my assignments or when I don’t understand something. TL;DR: My main love for @CryptoKitties stems from the awesome community it brings forth and helped me figure out the person I wanted to be.

Good luck getting through that with dry eyes!

After we gave, ADHD gave back

Want to hear the rest of the story and find out how to take part in the White Elephant Kitty exchange?

You’ll have to visit our blog to read the rest of the story!

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